Technical Support Specialist/DBA



Jared is the epitome of chill:  calm, cool, collected.  And when working with inanimate objects such as technology, this vibe comes in very handy:  Jared’s logical approach to problem solving over a 13 year tech services career puts him levels above.  When he’s not being super cool at the office, he’s being super cool at home with his wife and two kids, guitars and a podcast.



Technology Consulting

Beacon is a trusted partner with customer relationships spanning decades. Challenges within their businesses and a changing economic landscape make Beacon an integral part of a successful business operation.

Our technology design plans are customized to fit your environment, so you can worry less about IT and spend more time operating your business. As an outsourced IT consultant, our certified technicians analyze your needs and create a customized solution that works best for you.

You will receive an objective and honest CIO-level consulting and recommendation, and we can plan, implement, monitor, manage, and support your systems. We focus less on the “technology buzzwords of the day” and more on the solutions that keep your business successful.

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